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Mai Fung

Graphic & Web Designer

More than a decade ago, Mai began her creative career at a commercial photography studio helping companies market their products through product photography. As a graphic designer, this additional experience helped her tremendously in the e-commerce space.

Fueled by influences from technology and nature, Mai's creative and technical skills cross many platforms. Her ability to manipulate different mediums in visual communication makes her well-respected by her peers. Heavy photo retouching, color management, laying out typography, logo design, web design, video editing, storyboarding, and product photography are just some of Mai’s capabilities as a creative professional. 

The key is to find a unique and clear voice for a brand using various design solutions to compete in a global economy. That can range from creating marketing collateral for a mattress manufacturer to even nonprofit organizations. The need for visual communication is needed more than ever to reach the right audience living in a fast-paced digital world.

Her focus is to work towards a common goal to constantly solve design problems. No matter how complex a problem will seem, there is always a solution or two. From conceptualization to final project delivery, Mai understands how critical the whole process is for a client. Present a design problem to Mai, and she will use her technical skills, artistic aesthetics, and good attitude to come up with the best solution.

Mai Fung
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