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Makes You Smarter

Music has been scientifically proven through various studies to open your mind in ways that are far beyond explanation. Children who tend to study music or play an instrument while growing up have been proven to excel in subjects such as mathematics, science, problem solving, language arts, creative arts, performing arts, reading, and comprehension. Studying music also aids in the areas of mental focus, audible sound recognition and distinction, creates an internalized sense of rhythm and movement, helps to develop physical and mental coordination, and encourages creative thinking, imagination, and self expression.

Learning music and playing an instrument literally opens your mind in a way that many subjects cannot. Some of the greatest minds to influence history like Leonardo Da Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Neil Armstrong, and Steve Jobs were all brilliant minds and innovative thinkers of their time. Each one of these men were also accomplished musicians that played at least one, if not several instruments throughout their lives.
The list just goes on and on… 

Art of Process

As generations unfold in a world that is moving faster and faster, we are becoming a people who expect instant results without going through any type of process. But in music, or anything else in life that is worthwhile, there are no shortcuts! Music teaches us firstly that the amount of effort we put into something will determine the outcome of what we get back. Music is a great introduction to this key principle for success and teaches us the “Art of Process.”

Being inspired by MUSIC is a wonderful thing! But there is a huge difference between being a spectator in the stands and being a performer on the stage. Spectators simply watch and listen, while performers have gone through the “Art of Process.” You can see this clear distinction in every walk of life. Some people are spectators while others are performers. Music introduces us to these timeless principles in a fun and entertaining way, bringing great joy and satisfaction to our lives. Music promotes these “processes” that will take you from ordinary to extraordinary!

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