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Brandon Davis


Brandon Davis started learning piano at the age of 13, while listening to classic rock bands such as the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Over the course of his teenage years, he taught himself the music theory necessary to learn any song by ear, as well as write his own material. His extensive knowledge of music theory and his instrument allowed him to acquire a scholarship at Indian River State College in their music program, for which he procured an Associate in Arts Degree. At the age of 18, the college provided him formal piano lessons which allowed him to translate his vast knowledge of music theory of song structure to written music notation, which allowed his piano skills to encompass a wide variety of musical styles.


Brandon has been actively playing piano for 10 years and has performed in multiple live venues across Florida, from St. Augustine to Tampa, and all over the Treasure Coast. He has written music and lyrics for several of his own artistic projects as well as played synthesizer as a studio musician for several artists local to the Treasure Coast. He currently works as the Production Assistant for the Indian River State College Performing & Visual Arts Program.

Brandon Davis
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